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Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh || Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

Located at a distance of 10 kms from Jaipur,  Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh is a beautiful garden on Jaipur-Agra Highway. Sisodia Bagh gets a prime attraction in the charming city of Jaipur. The Garden appeals more to the beholder, since it stands as a symbol of love. In 1728, Sisodia Rani Garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, with an intention to gift the garden, to his Sisodia Queen from Udaipur. As the name suggests, the Garden was named after the queen, who was adorable to the King. It consists of tiered multi-level gardens with fountains, watercourses and painted pavilions. The palace house has several galleries, pavilions and beautiful murals depicting scenes from the life of lord Krishna.