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Suchindram || Suchindram

Close to Kanyakumari, at a distance of approx 14kms is Suchindram temple (Thanumalayar temple) and is the only shrine dedicated to TRINITY. The temple is noted for its exquisite workmenship in stone. It is a treasure house of sculptures. The musical pillars are very impressive and some of the sculptures in the temple like Vigneshwari, the female form of Vinayaka and the scene of Geethopathesa to parthasarathi in the form of Trinity are rarely to be found elsewhere. Carved exquisitely out of a single block of granite, the imposing figure of Anjaneya, 18 feet high, is a product of marvelous sculptural skill. The gigantic image of Nanjdhi locally known as "Makkalai" made of chalk powder is considered one of the biggest in India.