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Thanjavur || Tanjore

Nestled in the fertile delta of the Cauvery River, Tanjore, now known as Thanjavur, was the capital of the Chola dynasty from the 10th to the 14th century. Here is the famous Brihadeshwara Temple, a dedicated to God Shiva. This granite temple, a world heritage site is famous for its pyramidal shape, monumental tower or Vimanam rises almost 70m in height and is visible from miles around. It is capped by octogonal cupola or Shikharam, carved from single block of granite weighing 81 tons, that was hauled into place along ramp that is said to have been 6km long. Within the sanctum is 4m Lingman, and facing the sanctum is colossal 25-ton Nandi monolith, carved from solid granite.Hundreds of stucco figures bejewel the Vimanam. The Lingams set in a two storeyed sanctum, and the walls surrounding the sanctum delight visitors with the murals and sculptures. Apart from temple architecture, Tanjore is also famous for ‘Thanjavur Paintings’, a typical painting that flourished with the patronage of the Maratha Kings in the 18th century. The paintings are the scenes from the ancient scriptures of Hindu religion and the most famous style of South India. They are unique and rich in harmony of colors, designs, and traditional techniques blended with meticulous attention to details.

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