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Thiruvalluvar Statue || Thiruvalluvar Statue

THIRUVALLUVAR, author of THIRUKKURAL - A Sagacious saint born before the Christ (i.e. about 30 years before the Jesus Christ). Tamils take cognizance of the birth of Thiruvalluvar as a basis of the calendar. Now we are in the 2032 of Thiruvalluvar Aandu. Thirukkural is regarded as a renowned work, that is eulogised as a directory of code of conduct and ethics to the Humanity, through his 1330 couplets, the revered poet not only deals with the general administration, but also codified the clear cut directions to the mankind on how they should behave and act in a social, political, religious and family circles.
The work of Thiruvalluvar was translated into more than 60 languages world wide. The magnificient 133 foot height statue denoting the chapters in Thirukkural was opened for Tourists in 2000.