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Upper Lake || Bhojtal

Bhojtal, formerly known as 'Upper Lake' is the largest artificial lake in Asia situated in Bhopal. It is a major source of drinkable water for the residents of the city. Bhojtal was built by Raja Bhoj during his tenure as a king of Malwa (1005–1055). He established the city of Bhopal (also named after him, then as Bhojpal) to secure the eastern frontier of his kingdom. The lake was created by constructing an earthen dam across the Kolans River. An eleven gate dam called the Bhadbhada dam was constructed at Bhadbhada in 1965 at the southeast corner of the Lake, and now controls the outflow to the river Kaliasote. It is surrounded by Van Vihar National Park on the south, human settlements on the east and north, and agriculture fields on the west.