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Waynad or so called the land of spicy hills is located in north east Kerala. The etymology of the word Wayanad is Vayal (paddy) Naad (land); 'Land of Paddy Fields'. There are many indigenous tribal in this area. It is set lofty on the majestic Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 Metres above mean sea level. The two caves of Ampukuthimala located between Sulthan Bathery and Ambalavayal, with pictures on their walls and pictorial writings, speak volumes of the bygone era and civilization. Sultan's Battery, to the east of Kalpetta, was formerly known as Ganapathivattom or 'the fields of Ganapathi'. In the 18th Century the brilliant general Tipu Sultan built a fort here in the heart of the coffee and cardamom growing region, but sadly not much of it remains. Today it is a beautiful area that encapsulates rural Kerala.

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