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West Siang

West Siang district borders Tibet, China on the north, on the east by Upper Siang & East Siang districts, on the South by Assam and on the West by Upper Subansiri & Lower Subansiri districts. It is the homeland of various Adi tribes such as Gallong, Minyong, Pasi, Padam, Bori, and Bokar. There are also Tibetan Membas and Khampas.

Along or Aalo is the main town and headquarters of West Siang district, located at an average altitude of 600m. It is inhabited by Adi Gallong tribes. Along is good size town surrounded by mountains, along the banks of river Sipu and Siyom, which are the tributaries of Saing River. Along has a small tribal museum and nearby Kabu village has vertigo-inspiring rope bridge. There is also a Mithun and Jersey Cross Breeding Farm at Kamaki 25 kms away from here.