Recommended Books

Recommended Books

Recommended Books and readings related to Sikkim, Darjeeling and Duars

Sikkim and Bhutan, 1909  J. Claude White
Sikkim and Bhutan, 1970 V.H Coelho
 Himalayan Journal, 1855
Only for aficionados. The first Westerner to travel this corner of the Himalayas was a British botanist. His journals are also available online.
 Joseph Dalton Hooker (Author)
 Gazetter of Sikkim, 1894  H.H. Risley
 Enchanted Frontiers, 1971 Nari Rustomji
 India and Tibet, 1910 Col. Younghusband
 Sikkim the Mountain Kingdom, 1972 C. Y. Salisbury
 Sikkim, 1873 J. C. Gawler
 An Expedition to Lhasa 1906 Col. Younghusband
 Report of a Mission to Sikkim 1885 Colman Macaulay
The Kangchenjunga Adventure
A hero of early mountaineering describes one of the early expeditions. They attempted Kangchenjunga itself, when defeated climbed lesser peaks. Covers both Nepal and Sikkimese area.
F. S Smythe
 Among the Himalayas 1899
Interesting description by Waddell, one of the first western travelers in Sikkim.
 L. Austin Waddell
 Lands of the Thunderbolt 1923 Ronald Shay
 Report on the State of Bhutan 1865 Ashley Eden
 The Jewel in the lotus 1957 B.J. Gould
 Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet 1902 S.C Das
 Sikkim saga 1983 B. S. Das
 Sikkim: A short Political History 1974  L. B. Basnet
Report of a visit to Sikkim and Tibetan Frontier 1874 J. W. Edgar
 Sikkim Coronation 1965 Coronation Souvenir Book Committee
 Politics of Sikkim 1975 A. C. Sinha
 Sikkim- A Statistical Profile Bureau of Economics & Statistics.
 State Government and Politics: Sikkim N. Sengupta
 An introduction to the History and Religion of Tibet 1991  N. C. Shah
 Sikkim 1989 R. Bedi
 Sikkim- Himalayan Rhodendrons Udai Pradhan, S. T.Lachungpa
 Birds of Sikkim  Salim Ali
 The Butterflies of the Sikkim Himalayas  Meena Haribal
 Medicinal Plants of Sikkim L. Rai & E. Sharma
 Perennial Dreams Pawan Chamling
 Kanchenjunga The Mountain God Col. Narindra Kumar
In the Shadows of the Himalayas
Tibet – Bhutan – Nepal – Sikkim Historic photographic Record of John Claude White 1883-1908, the British “consular” in Sikkim.
Kurt Meyer (Author)
Pamela Deuel Meyer (Collaborator)
 Round Kangchenjunga
A great description of the first trek around the Kangchenjunga massif, starting in Darjeeling then going to North Sikkim and into Nepal (Pangpema), from there over Kang La back to Sikkim, up the Goecha La and then to Yuksom
 Douglas W Freshfield
Trekking in Sikkim and Darjeeling
Bericht über eine 4-wöchige Reise in den Nordosten Indiens (Taschenbuch)
Interesting booklet about a 4 week trek in the area.
 Sacred Summit Pema Wangchuk and Mita Zulca
Thirty-seven years of big game shooting in Cooch Behar, the Duars, and Assam.
A rough diary (1908), Book digitized by Google from the library of the New York Public Library and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Nṛipendra Nārāyaṇa Bhūpa, maharajah of Cooch Behār, 1862-1911
‘Red with Two Blue Stripes’,
The Story of the Indian General Service Medal by Colonel B.A.H.Parritt M.B.E. has a good write up of the Bhotan Duar war campaign, the bonus being it mentions various officers by name and their involvement. Although only 16 (A4) pages on the campaign a very useful insight into what went on.
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