Dawa Tshering

Dawa Tshering
Driver Thimphu, Bhutan

Dawa Tshering ranks  among the gentle souls who provide an impression of a man of few words bordering with shyness. A few lines of conversation with the guests he turn red with blushes. He fit the bills perfectly with his traits of gentleness, humbleness, calmness that require most in order to manoeuvre sinuous roads of Bhutan.

He hails from a remote village in far east village of Tashigang. His journey of life from Tashigang to Thimphu has been as sinuous as roads from there. With elementary education to lean on, he tried his hand and luck on various jobs.

After being a driver and with a handful of experience, he joined Wind Horse Tours in 2007. And he has been driving with great level of dedication.

What Our Guest Says about the guide

I really want to thank you again for the most wonderful trip

Mrs. Tanja E

April 17 -23, 2015

I really want to thank you again for the most wonderful trip

Dear Mr. Sirs, I really want to thank you again for the most wonderful trip I have made in your beautiful country last April 17th. Asspecially our wonderful guide Duba and driver Dawa. Duba is so kind, attent, helpful, well informed about everything. As I arrange guided nature tours in my country we bought Duba books about birds and flowers which he want himself to improve his knowledge. Even when I arrived at Delhi airport my driver and agent were waiting for me and dropped me off at the guide who showed me Delhi and dropped me at my hotel everything was well arranged. When you talk/call Duba pls. say hello to him from me. kind regards

Thank you, we are impressed by your welcome and services.

Nisarat & Friends

April 11 - 15 April, 2015

Thank you, we are impressed by your welcome and services.

Dear Kinga – Now we have been arrived Bangkok safely.Thank you so much for your hospitality, we enjoyed and had memorable experiences during our recent trip.We believe that you will pass our thanks to Karma and Dawa. Karma is expert in Bhutan history and religion. He can explain deeply without tiredness.Dawa is a good driver with excellent driving skill.We are very appreciated their services. Anyway, there are some tiny points we would like to share you for better service next time.
1. Food at Punatsangchhu Cottage was not provided punctually. Dinner should be started at 7.00 p.m. as confirmed but it’s late around 15-30 minutes, breakfast was late also. Moreover,  there was few items for each meal, more options of food would be better.

2. We stuck on road during closing time for construction

Don’t worry, they are not serious issue and we also understand that it’s out of your control especially No.2.
In conclusion, we are very pleased and impress your welcome especially Karma and Dawa.

Huge appreciation towards Wind Horse and your staff.

Charles H. L

March 24 - Apri l3, 2015

Huge appreciation towards Wind Horse and your staff.

– TID-8675, March 24 to April3, 2015. Guide Sonam Loday

Jambay – Several weeks have passed since the group I participated with in Bhutan, said goodbye to that Beautiful country and that team of Guide and Driver Wind Horse provided.

I write this day, to satisfy my own need to express the huge appreciation I continue to experience towards Wind Horse and your staff.
Sonam and Dawa most assuredly provided the finest of experiences I could ask for. You may recall, that I asked to arrive some days prior to the others in the group as to honor my own interests when entering a country that I am a stranger to. The journey to the Haa area..the stay there .. The experiences encountered.. Then the arrival of the others and the well scheduled plans carried out by Sonam and Dawa..
We all are deeply appreciative of the fine organisation of details,and , to repeat myself, the generous and well educated guidance provided by both these sensitive and alert individuals.
Thank you for all you and the company strive to deliver… I did enjoy meeting with you in Thimphu.

We can’t say enough good things about his service as our guide.

Rebel A.C.

Aug 05 - 07, 2014

We can’t say enough good things about his service as our guide.

Window to Bhutan tour for Lee & Cole TID: 8604
Dear Anand,
It all seems to have happened a long time ago, as we are in Phuket packing for our long trip home to Chicago later today (via BKK and NRT). Our two days with Yeshi were wonderful; we can’t say enough good things about his service as our guide. Also, Dawa was a wonderful driver, but, of course, we spent much less time with him. Because our Bhutan trip was cut short, we had the opportunity to visit Kathmandu for two days, which also was very nice. The bottom line is that our trip turned out quite well, even though we missed seeing the Puhanka area. As for blame, I agree that a large part belongs on the ministry of tourism, which at first refused to grant me an extension, then relented, but refused to authorize my itinerary. I do think that you should have been aware of these issues, but I certainly understand how you were caught in the changing rules. Be assured that I will not be writing any unfavorable reviews; you handled the situation as well as could possibly be expected by refunding my payment for the two days that I could not tour. Other than the visa snafu, everything else went smoothly.

Best regards,

I couldn’t ask for more… except for more time in Bhutan.

Ms Elizabeth E

Dec 4 to 18, 2013

I couldn’t ask for more… except for more time in Bhutan.

TID 741 – Dec 4 to 18 Bhutan Traverse from east to west ( in reverse order of Bhutan Traverse from West to East)

Dear Jambay, Thank you for all your help in making my second trip to Bhutan one of the highlights of my life. Ms Yandon, our guide, was professional and friendly and did everything she could to make our trip interesting and exciting. We were blessed to have her. She was very successful in adjusting our schedule when we learned of things that interested us (a farm we were invited to and a home that was having a religious ceremony, a hike we wanted to take) and gave us more information than we can possibly remember. She also has a keen eye and spotted a red panda and a tree full of griffon. We feel extremely fortunate.

Two of the highlights (of a completely highlighted trip) were the festivals – the beauty, fun and grace of Druk Wangyel Festival in Dochu La. The people were so friendly to us and the Queen Mother acknowledged out presence. The National Day Festival was so different from when I attended 4 years ago. The crowds, as the King noted, were so large and welcoming, so much music, the dancing, the games. And to our surprise, we met the King and Queen as they walked through the stadium. They welcomed us and asked where we were from and told us we looked beautiful in our kiras. We were thrilled. When all the Royal Family and the Ministers joined the dances, it was so moving to see all the people together. I can really see the changes that have come to Bhutan in the last four years and how much the people have benefitted. (Not to minimize what his father did before him, but the new King really seems to connect with the people.)

When we hiked up to Tiger’s Nest the last day of our trip, my friend, Helen, went to Tiger’s Nest. Since I had been there before, our driver, Dawa, took me to the Temple just above it. I could see Tiger’s Nest below just to the East. However, I failed to get the name of the Temple. If you could send it to me, I would appreciate it.
I wish you all the best with Wind Horse. I am so impressed with your dedication to service and helping people explore your beautiful country. I hope to come back again.

Please give my thanks to Ms Yandon and Dawa (who was not only an excellent driver, but always ready and willing to help in any way possible). It is not an easy task to take care of people for two full weeks. I am so satisfied with my trip. I couldn’t ask for more… except for more time in Bhutan. I have Ms Yandon’s phone number, but not her email. If you could send it, I would like to send her a personal thank you. I know she is planning to study English in Melbourne.

With all best wishes for a Happy New Year in the world’s happiest place.