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Window to Bhutan tour for Lee & Cole TID: 8604
Dear Anand,
It all seems to have happened a long time ago, as we are in Phuket packing for our long trip home to Chicago later today (via BKK and NRT). Our two days with Yeshi were wonderful; we can’t say enough good things about his service as our guide. Also, Dawa was a wonderful driver, but, of course, we spent much less time with him. Because our Bhutan trip was cut short, we had the opportunity to visit Kathmandu for two days, which also was very nice. The bottom line is that our trip turned out quite well, even though we missed seeing the Puhanka area. As for blame, I agree that a large part belongs on the ministry of tourism, which at first refused to grant me an extension, then relented, but refused to authorize my itinerary. I do think that you should have been aware of these issues, but I certainly understand how you were caught in the changing rules. Be assured that I will not be writing any unfavorable reviews; you handled the situation as well as could possibly be expected by refunding my payment for the two days that I could not tour. Other than the visa snafu, everything else went smoothly.

Best regards,

We can’t say enough good things about his service as our guide.

  • Person Name Rebel A.C.
  • From Chicago, USA.
  • Trip Name Customised Bhutan Tour for 2 nights
  • Travelled Date Aug 05 - 07, 2014
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Thimphu - Hotel Druk
    Paro -Tenzinling Resort
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