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Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta is the gun young at Wind Horse Tours, New Delhi. With his advent there is  infusion of fresh ideas, exuberance and passion , that changing travel scenario demands. He completed his degree course in Tourism Management in 2014.
At Wind Horse Tour, India, he is  setting pace for innovations and fresh perspectives to thrive and to meet new demands. With opening of window for Visa on Arrival for many countries by Indian Government, this has thrown door wide open for travel industries to redesign structural patterns in term of infrastructures and itineraries.

He inherited the passion for the travel business from his father Santosh Gupta. While growing up or still now the travel talks  hogs the limelight at the  dinner table. He alway knew what he wanted or how he wants to shape up his career. Choosing travel management course was a conscious choice to  hone his passion.

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  • Golden Triangle of India with Deeg Tour
    Golden Triangle of India with Deeg Tour Kansas City, Missouri, USA Trip Date:
    May 15 -20, 2017

    Anand and colleagues at Wind Horse, My husband and I were thrilled to have visited Deeg.  Although, it was in a terrible state of disrepair it was beautiful and very interesting.  We were delighted to be in a location that did not have many, many tourists.  It was interesting because it was more 'contemporary' and the water features would be beautiful if the trash was removed.   We enjoyed seeing a smaller town, but would have been uncomfortable "strolling in the village"  of Deeg.  Are they prepared  to welcome foreigners?? We enjoyed staying in the old section of  Laxmi Vilas Palace in

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  • Golden Triangle Of India With Amritsar Tour Singapore Trip Date:
    April 28 - May 07,2017

    Hi Rajat. Li and I both had a good time on the tour. Our guide and driver were excellent and we had good conversations on the longer drives.I thought Amritsar's golden palace was one of the more amazing experiences while the ceremony at the Pakistani Border underwhelming. The long drives impressed upon us the vast scale of India. Our impression was that there is little to see between cities in the semi arid farmlands. Perhaps in future visits to India we would consider this in terms of or destinations and ability to take local flights between major internal destinations. We also have a

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  • Unforgetable trip Trip Date:
    April 1-16,2017

    I am impressed how well organized was our trip ! And I didn't make it easy ! We had a little bit of everything : Varanasi in India, Kathmandu, Pukhara and tiger in Chitwan in Nepal, and the top - Bhutan with Tiger Nest and Festival ! All the guides are excellent, transportation great and we liked all places we stay in  ! I am highly recomending individual trips. It cost more, but you can decide about everything to the smallest details , they are going to work with you

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  • Golden Triangle of India With Varanasi Tour (August 2016) Quito, Ecuador Trip Date:
    August 2016

    Dear Santosh,  Thank you for your email. I greatly appreciate your interest to learn about our experience in India with Wind Horse.  I'm now in Dhaka and I think it will take some time to get back to my routine after the wonderful time that I spent in India with my parents.  The trip exceeded our expectations. It is hard to identify highlights since we enjoyed a lot everything that we experienced. However, some of the things we liked the most are the Teej Festival in Jaipur, the visit to Fatehpur Sikri and the Taj Mahal, and the overnight train to Varanasi. Also, my

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  • India tour of Delhi Agra & Jaipur
    India Tour of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur San Fransico,USA Trip Date:
    Nov 04 - 09,2015

    India Tour of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur (India Portion) Hi Santosh, We are now at the hotel in Delhi - reflecting on our great trip here.  Thank you for making everything work so smoothly and adjusting to have Raj join.  He was excellent to support our journey in many ways - and we got to know so much more about the culture, current events while he managed every detail along the way. Denish was amazing as our driver - we never once were feeling anxious given the extremely busy roads...he was ever so skillful in navagating.  We would daily comment on how he

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