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Dear Anand and Jambay,
Sorry it took me some time to get back to you with feedback – the end of the year is always extremely busy at work.
Sorry also that I was not able to meet Jambay when he was in London – I was away the Friday Jambay suggested to meet – otherwise it would have been my pleasure. I hope we meet another time – WTM events in London are held every year!

Overall I was very pleased with my trip to Bhutan, and very happy I chose Wind Horse. I would not hesitate to recommend Wind Horse to anyone planning a trip to Bhutan, as I have already done in my blog.

It is not the world’s most read blog, but here is the link to the Bhutan post nevertheless:    http://www.anjci.com/2015/12/bhutan-stunning-himalayan-kingdom.html.
I have also put some photos from Bhutan here:

I must say I especially enjoyed Sonam as a guide and Tenzin as a driver. Both were a lot of fun and excellent at their respective jobs. I had a chance to compare, as two different pairs of guide/driver were taking care of me on the day I flew back to Paro from Bumthang – while Sonam and Tenzin were driving. The latters pairs were nowhere near as much fun or knowledgeable. The contractor guide in Paro actually seemed fairly uninterested in his job – the opposite of Sonam, who does guiding with utmost professionalism.

On a personal side though, I really struggled to be on a guided tour – I am used to travelling around the world either by myself or with my fiancé only, without constantly having to follow someone or depend on them. It was therefore challenging for me to be “guided”, but we worked out a schedule with Sonam when he would give me free time, which helped.

Bhutan was truly a unique experience. It was quite expensive to visit the country though, so my expectations were perhaps somewhat higher because of the high price tag. While I was not disappointed, in retrospect I would probably have considered my visit with a lot more caution. If you have any influence on the government of Bhutan, maybe you could lobby for the tourist tax to be cut : )

Otherwise, thank you very much for my great visit! I only have good memories and impressions of Wind Horse. Keep up the good work!

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    Punakha - Punatsangchhu Cottages Hotel
    Gangtey - Yue-Loki Guest House
    Bumthang - Yu - Gharling Resort & Spa
    Paro - Tashi Namgay Resort
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