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Dear Anand,

Greetings from India! As you may be aware, I continued my travels here in India after departing Bhutan. And I can state without a doubt that I truly miss Bhutan. An amazing culture, kind people and beautiful landscapes!

In terms of specific feedback regarding the trip, I will begin with some constructive criticism. It would be good, I think, to work with the guides (perhaps both the senior guides and those new to Windhorse, who might have a fresh perspective) to review the itinerary of the Drukyul Walking Tour. It seems that nearly every day we had to change what was noted on the official itinerary. Dropping some places, adding others. Of course, this makes for some flexibility depending on the group’s wants and needs. But I think a more streamlined version would be helpful that noted either-or options, which the guides could then discuss with the group at the end of each day. Additionally, since the official tour name includes “walking,” I wish we had done more of this, particularly hiking. So many groups simply move around by bus. I think the best parts of our trip were when we got away from these crowds and visiting more remote temples and monasteries. The monks seemed to enjoy our visit, and we felt most welcomed. And “off the beaten track” certainly would hold a strong marketing appeal in the West. So perhaps an itinerary that balances the “must see” places with those known only to the locals, a glimpse behind the “tourist” curtain!

Having noted all of the above, the trip truly was splendid. Both Pema and Jigme were kind, knowledgeable and professional. The experience of Bhutan will long remain with me. And throughout the planning and booking process, I truly appreciated the kind and timely communications with the Windhorse staff. I plan to return in 2018 for the Tour of the Dragon mountain bike race and hope to work with your fine company again at that time.

I truly hope that all of the above is helpful to you. But should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Wishing you continued success with your business and abundant happiness in each moment!

With warmest regards,

Matthew Caretti

Day Walking Tour, Fall 2016

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