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I want to express my appreciation to Windhorse and especially to Dawa, our tour guide, for making our trip to Tibet unforgettable. Even though it has been three months since we took our vacation, the memory of the trip is still with me and brings a smile to my face every day. I would especially like you to know how grateful I am to Dawa, who is exceedingly talented as a tour guide, and who made this trip so memorable. Throughout the trip, he made sure everything went seamlessly, from helping us avoid a long line in the Potala, to dealing with changes in schedules, delays, and countless other details that we never had to worry about or even know about.

Dawa was highly attuned to what would make this trip unique for us. I was interested in Tibetan history and Buddhism, whereas my father was curious about daily life in Tibet, such as farming practices, family traditions, etc. Dawa was highly knowledgeable in all these things. His understanding of Buddhism and its history made everything come alive when we visited the monasteries. At the Summer Palace, the other tour groups and guides joined us as Dawa explained the murals depicting the Tibet’s history. On the few occasions when he didn’t know the answer, he would find out and let us know. Based on our interests, Dawa arranged side trips to places and pointed out things he thought would be meaningful to us.

Most importantly, Dawa went above and beyond to share with us what was important to him, whether it was a memory, a good joke, a story he heard, or a place that had special meaning to him. This is what made this trip unforgettable. Please let him know how grateful I am, and that I wish him and his family the best.

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