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Dear Kinga/BirderGuru,
Rosie and i would like to thank you so much again for making our visit to Bhutan so fantastic and special. We reflect on the time together with you, the things that we saw, the people we saw and met, the places we visited, the festivals we were so privileged to have attended, and all we learnt…..not to mention the birds I saw, of course….and we cannot imagine that we could have had a more fascinating and enjoyable time. This of course is all down to you and your planning of the trip. It all went so very well, apart perhaps some rain on the trek….we will have to come again to see the views of the high mountains!! But maybe the weather made the experience more different and exciting…..it was certainly quite wonderful to be in those beautiful mountains and i loved every minute of it.

I dont think I have moved very far along the Bhuddist path to Enlightenment, but we have certainly taken some steps, possibly along the Middle Path> Rosie and I both feel that so much converges along the historically different paths leading towards an understanding of Buddha/Allah/God. As we walk along these paths up the mountain, perhaps we all slowly realise we are climbing the same mountain. An exposure to the faith and devotion evident in Bhutan was an inspiration.

So….it was also all so much fun and we had a terrific team with you as the leader. The more we think about it the more amazing it all seems. WOW…WOW….HOW BRILLIANT IT WAS

I will link up with Di about tents etc and let you know what the picture is.

Once again, very, very many thanks for your superb organisation and leadership of our trip….and of course thanks to the wonderful Dorji who is such a steady and excellent driver, apart from being such a very nice and serene person.

All the very best

P.S. On a more business note I received a mail from greenbee.com who organise specialist travel for the large John Lewis group who do specialist tours to N.India, Nepal, Sri Lanka…but no mention of Bhutan…..maybe a marketing gap you could fill (please make sure to use any testimonials from our team). If you do not get a follow up on the other people at Cazenove and Lloyd, Abercrombie and Kent…..let me know and I will chase it up

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