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Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Oct 2007

Hi Postak

We were very pleased at your agents’ prompt response to our plight — especially being picked up and taken care of for our overnight in Chengdu. Actually had a wonderful dinner at the Thai restaurant next to the Traffic Hotel.

All and all we enjoyed the trip very much and would certainly recommend Windhorse Tours to our friends. All of the guides and drivers were excellent. Only disappointments were a few of the hotels. The Capital Hotel first night in Beijing was a little sparse (although understandable to be close to flight) and the last hotel in Paro was also lacking in amenities (no internet, no TV). Did not mind being far afield such as in the Punaka hotel with great views and no town to speak of, but there was little to recommend that Paro hotel–except for the nice people who were working there.

Oh yes. In Tibet, the vehicle chosen was really too small for all of the time spent traveling. Our poor guide had to sit in lotus position in the back amid the luggage. The driver did not want to use the air conditioner

It was obvious that it was in need of repair, which we found out as we wended throught the desert on our way to Gyantse when it blew long accumulated dust into the vehicle. One thing that would help in future — please give clients some idea of appropriate tipping for drivers and guides. If we have undertipped (especially in Tibet) we want to send something to Darma (spelling?) for her great service. Thus, please tell us: what would have been an appropriate range for guide/driver per day for our four-person tour in Tibet?

Re altitude: With the exception of Ken who was rather ill with headache for several days, none of us had problems with altitude sickness. Don’t know if it was because we took the prescription or just luck.

FYI: Heard from several people in the hotel in Lhasa and in Bhutan who took the new train to Lhasa. They absolutely hated it. Too slow. Stuck in cabins all day by unsmiling soldiers. Train went through the best scenery at night.

Oh and yes. We loved Bhutan — our favorite part of the trip. We opted to march (slowly) up to the Tiger’s nest in Paro rather than visit fortresses etc. Thankfully, our very able guide (Soonam – spelling?) wisely got us started on our journey there at 7:30 a.m. so that we could complete the climb before the heat of the day would have made it even tougher.

Respectfully and thankfully yours,

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