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There can not be enough said in regards to the professional commitment displayed by Ugyen and the staff selected during my tour of Bhutan. Ugyen provided exactly what he has posted on his website and more. Before selecting Windhorse, I had done about 4 years of research on the best way to get to Bhutan. I am not particuarly fond of group tours so it was important for me to travel with a small group. Since at the time I could not afford a private tour, I was all set to go with a company that charged twice as much with the minimum amount of guest three times that of Windhorse. I am thankful to have come across Windhorse and when I called the number listed on the website and actually spoke with Ugyen, I was beyond impressed. He treated me as if I was his first and only client (of course I know better). This is how he and his treated me during entire planning stages and actual tour. The staff at Windhorse are proud of their country and company, and it shows with their personal care for each clients needs.
I truly enjoyed my trip. I have been back to Bhutan since my first tour in Sep 2005. Thanks to Windhorse, Bhutan has my heart. I LOVE this magical place and will continue to visit there whenever possible. I will also continue to refer Windhorse to anyone that has an interest in visiting Bhutan. I will refer them not only because of the reasons mentioned above, but because I can not imagine touring this country with any other company. Unless, one is fortunate enough to gain a personal invitation, Windhorse is the ONLY way to see this little Kingdom….PERIOD!

Wasilla, Alaska

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