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Our group of 4 recently returned from a trip through Wind Horse Tours. Ugen helped us for months with all the details of the trip, answering our questions and arranging personalised custom changes for us.

We visited Northern India and Nepal. All of us have traveled quite a bit, but none of us had been to India. I cannot thank Wind horse Tours enough for the excellence we had with the activities, hotel choices and mostly the guides. With Delhi being such a big city, you can imagine pre-travel jitters, but it was all for naught. We were met at the airport by a Wind horse representative. Our guide the next day met us at the hotel. We were in the best of hands with Hemant. He took us to all of the sites we were scheduled to see. The transportation alone would have been enough to drive one crazy. Everything flowed seamlessly. Hemant was most knowledgeable and had a wonderful approach. He was able to give us a mix of history that, not only included dates and names, but also wove together incredible stories that had us begging for more. He was tireless in his delivery. He explained so much about Hinduism and cultural practices. He was with us from Delhi to Kajhuraho.

In Varanasi, we had a wonderful guide named Pankaj. He was humorous and went above and beyond. Then Rajool brought us from Varanasi to Lumbini, helping us with border security into Nepal. He and the drivers were great. In Lumbini we were met by Dillip, who had a vast knowledge base of Buddhism. On to Chitwan, where the Jungle Villa staff, namely Dukie, kept us busy for a day and a half with an elephant safari ride, canoe trip and jeep safari, as well as cultural dance and village visit. It was fantastic!

Finally, we headed from Chitwan to Pokhara, where we had Hem Raj as our travel companion along the bumpy road and then our guide. Hem was another excellent storyteller and poet who made sure we did all that we wanted to and set the pace accordingly. He recognised that we needed a slower pace for walking and made adjustments. He wrote a poem about us too!

Lastly, we finished in Kathmandu with the services of Mahendra, who, like the rest was top notch. The guides really made the trip a success. Their command of English was exemplary and the knowledge and background they have achieved to get there are truly representative of how Wind horse has gone above and beyond as a tour company. My overall experience rating of this trip is 10 out of 10. The button for the number did not let me change it, so I am writing it here….the BEST!

A Beautiful and Lasting Experience

  • Hotels New Delhi - Jaypee Sidharth
    Agra - Crystal Sarovar Premiere
    Orchha - Amar Mahal
    Khajuraho - Ramada Khajuraho
    Varanashi - Hotel Benaras Haveli
    Lunbini - Hotel Buddha Maya Garden
    Chitwan - Jungle Villa Resort
    Pokhara - Himalayan Front Resort
    Pokhara - Water Front Resort
    Kathmandu - Hotel Sambhala
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