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_Bhutan 403We completed the “Above the Clouds” 14 day trek to Laya and Gasa and found it to be an incredible and very worthwhile trip. There were several days of simply spectacular Himalayan scenery and numerous cultural experiences that were simply fabulous. Bhutan was fascinating and full of contrasts– and still untouched by the tourists, which allowed for a far more intimate experience than you could get anywhere else. (We were often invited into monasteries to see the monks in prayer, invited into people’s homes for butter tea, or even challenged to a game of volleyball by the teachers in Laya.) In short, the trip was certainly worth it.
We were also pleased with Windhorse upon our arrival in Bhutan. Our guide was very personable and friendly, and the food, horses and equipment were all of a good standard. Talking to another group that also did the Laya-Gasa trek with another agency, we felt Windhorse did a superior job. I’d certainly travel with them again.
Ben Lyons

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