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Apologies for the belated reply and not having shared a few words re: our experience earlier. After we returned to NYC, we just resumed our routine and our promise slowly faded. Alas, it is not lost. See it below.

In a few words, we loved our trip to Bhutan. We went to Tibet in 2013 and could notice that the two regions share a lot of similarities: strong Buddhism faith, the Himalayas, blue never ending sky and humble people. However, the “small things” found in Bhutan made it unique and I dare say more special than Tibet in our view: the architecture (limited Western / Chinese influence), the size of things (smaller rather than large), the people (friendly, wearing their gho and with a different understanding of the world), the valleys and the food.

We were there for only five days, but could see a ton of things, mix physical and intellectual activities, and see people minding their own lives in the cities and farms. We struggled to give Namgey any tips on areas of improvement, but the things that come to my mind are: (1) alternative of upgrading to a different hotel  (e.g., Uma) without having to incur the whole charge of another booking, (2) more saying on the hotels we will be staying (we really liked them all, but I generally like to have some control over the itinerary), and (3) suggesting to future travelers the hikes going out of Dochu La Pass more often.

My highlights are generally tied to physical activities so the Dochu La Pass (the monument, view of the Himalayas and hike), Tiger’s nest and the farmhouse. In 10 years, I will remember the three over all else. We truly enjoyed the pleasant presence of Namgey and Sonnal. Overall, we have a number / variety of memories to cherish, some souvenirs to remind us of the trip and we would def. recommend you to any friend expressing an interest in Bhutan.

Many thanks,

Bhutan Tour for Marcos & Anna

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