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Dear Kinga,
We do hope that you had a successful trip to the UK in October. Sue and I were very pleased to meet you in Thimphu before you went. Windhorse certainly deserves to be in the top rank of travel agents for our type of holiday. Our trip to Bhutan was one of the most enjoyable holidays we have had.  Over this Christmas and New Year period we have been composing our usual ‘holiday album’ and it has been bringing back happy memories of our time in Bhutan.
We congratulate you on having such a successful organisation. Your attention to detail in the organisation of our itinerary was excellent – and the itinerary was just what we wanted, especially as Yeshi knew just when it was sensible to depart from the plan!
We were very impressed with Yeshi. He had a very good ability to judge just what we wanted, both in the amount of information he should give us about where we were visiting and in assessing how far/slowly we could walk! As well as seeing so many interesting buildings and places on our itinerary, we also enjoyed the unscheduled features, such as the visit to the paper-making works  and the archery competition in Thimphu. We felt very privileged to meet his cousin and see her in her room in the nunnery near Bumthang. And our night in the best room in the Gangtey Palace hotel was a treat, even if it was only one night! We know that, behind the smooth-running of a trip, there is often a lot of unseen paddling below the surface of the water. As well as being very courteous, thoughtful and patient (and good company), Yeshi was very conscientious at making sure that we did not see too much paddling below the surface!
Chimi, our driver, was also excellent. He was a very good driver – and some parts of the road were very challenging – but we always felt confident that we were in extremely goods hands, however long the journey was. We also enjoyed his company.
Yeshi and Chimi made a good team. They even did an excellent litter-pick on the ‘Windhorse’ walk up from Dochula Pass – see attached photo (to follow)! We would recommend both of them highly.
Incidentally, we have recommended Windhorse to a number of our friends who are thinking of visiting Bhutan – we hope something comes of it.

Best wishes for the (western) New Year.
Peter and Sue

Bhutan Tour for Peter and Sue

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