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Dear Postak,

Tibet Tour Aug 2007

I would like to thank you again for arranging our trip to Tibet, especially on such short notice. We had a wonderful time.

The bad weather I was so worried about never really materialized. It rained a few days, but only for a short time each day, and it never really interfered with our plans.

I would especially like you to know just how impressed we were with our guide, Yi Xi Pen Tsong. He took very good care of us, and did many extra things, such as arranging for us to warm up in a monk’s quarters on a rainy morning at Ganden Monastery, and later buying us milk tea and noodles at the monastery restaurant. I showed an interest in Tibetan music, and on the last day he presented us with a couple of music CDs.

Yi Xi’s kindness to us aside, he was very professional. I noticed that some guides wore sports clothes, but Yi Xi always wore a suit and looked like the true teacher he is. His knowledge of Tibet and the places we visited is vast.

We were also very pleased with our driver, Ciren. He drove carefully (which does not appear to be the case with all drivers in Lhasa), and was always good-natured about our requests to stop for photos.

Anyway, unless you think it would be inappropriate, please pass this message on to Yi Xi’s and Ciren’s supervisors. I would be happy to steer people to Wind Horse Holidays. You are welcome to give prospective clients my email address.

Thank you again for all your help.


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