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Everything was well organised,the hotels were all good (some really good, others just good, as one expects making such a long tour). Just at Badami Court it didn’t work out as foreseen, because the hotel was overbooked and Christian was sent to very poor premises. But to excuse themselves they offered compensations, so it was no tragedy. The Hotel Dewachen in Buthan was lovely in it simplicity, but the nice people who manage it still have to learn a lot about receiving guests; when we arrived every place was very cold, both dining room and bedroom (and temperature outside was very cold!). They started heating after our arrival, which resulted in freezing for at least an hour in the dining room and far more in the bedroom, where the stove was small and heathing for no longer than an hour without being fed new logs!! We washed ourselves very little that evening/morning, too cold to undress!! On top of that, it seemed very evident to me that the bed sheets had already been used by other people: inside the bed I found several body hairs,which presence I can’t explain in any other way. But finally we took the whole thing as a new experience, laughed about it and made no problems. I’m just telling you because I think you should be aware of these disfunctions.

The other hotels in Buthan were all very good, we can only recommend them. The Amankora was extremely nice, but overpriced, it’s true. Anyway Christian wanted to see it, a study visit, so we were happy to be there one night. Also in Karnataka the hotels were fine. The Aiswara Fort Hotel was at the limit, but probably in this town they have nothing better to offer. On Havelock Island we had a very nice time, nature is do beautiful and the coral barrier so beautiful. We so a lot just by snorkelling. The Silver Sand was ok, but surely the Barefoot Resort would have been better for us, especially for the food (in our resort it was too indian for our bellys!). We went to Barefoot for dinner once and we can only recommend it. The only little problem we had on Havelock was that we had understood from the program that we would be met by somebody both at Port Blair Airport and at Havelock’s harbour. So we waited quite a bit, before organising ourselves on our own. If we had known that from the beginning, it would have made it easier. In reality it’s nothing complicated, just take a taxi.

The guides and drivers were all very good: Tandin Tshering, a specialist of Buddhism, and Gudu, perfect driver, in Buthan, Sridhar in Karnataka, very nice, competent and helpfull people. We remember them with a lot of pleasure. The one-day guide in Kolkata, Mr. Samik Kumar Ray, was extremely competent, it was really interesting to spend some time with him. We wish to thank you for having arranged so well this tour for us, which will leave a strong print in our memories and hearts. Please,extend our thanks to all the guides and drivers, who made all what they could to make us happy.Friendly regards,

Actually I hadn’t thought you would want to put our comments on your website, we had meant them for your business only, especially the critics. But if you wish I’ll rearrange the text so it will be suitable for the website.I think I forgot to underline how perfect the agent’s representatives were both in Kolkata and in Bangalore. When I suddenly had to go back to Italy, the representative of the local agency insisted to accompany me to the airport, find the flight, find a hotel where to spend the waiting time, he was really great. Although I’m used to travel a lot on my own, I realized how things in that occasion would have been much more diificult without his help. And all that was not included in the package !!

– Cecilia and Christian Bauer

Everything was well organised,the hotels were all good

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