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We have just come home after a fascinating trip to Bhutan. We were surprised by the kind way of welcoming us at Paro airport and by the caring attitude of our guide and driver during our trip. They have supported us throughout our journey when things were difficult at times eg when climbing up to Tiger’s Nest or when being carsick. We have appreciated the interesting conversations with Tashi, our guide, about Bhuddism and we have certainly appreciated the safe and gentle driving of Dawa, our driver.

We have appreciated the nice hotels and the good food and we have even appreciated the night at the weaver’s home in the east of Bhutan. Admitting this was a tough experience for spoiled westerners. We will certainly promote Wind Horse with our friends and family and one of the reasons is that both our guide and our driver were so proud of the company they worked for. Thank you, Windhorse, thank you Dawa and Tashi

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