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Dear Ugen
I returned HK yesterday after 14 wonderful days in Bhutan . I r eally appreciate Wind Horse’ professional supports in planning my itinerary and the cares rendered so far. As evident by your goodself , my guide Mr. Karma Krinle Oser, as well as the Bhutanese I’ve encountered during the trip, I totally agree with the remarks made by other travellers that Bhutanese are amongst the friendliest and most hospitable that one is ever likely to come across.

My special thanks to Oser who has tried his very best to personalise the trip for me so that I could extensively expose to the charm and magic of an individual culture – an profound experience that I’ve never encountered before. Sure I’ll come again for the unmistakable natural beauty and hospitable people in your country. Once again, thank you for your and your team’s supports.
Most regards

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