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Druk Path Trek March 2011
I so thoroughly enjoyed your West to East traverse cultural tour in October 2010 that I fell in love with Bhutan! Out of the 50 or so countries I have visited Bhutan is the most unique and untouched by Western society. I have lately returned from a 5 day Druk Path Trek (magnificent!) with an attentive and fun Wind Horse crew plus 5 days of other “cultural anthropological” activities. I challenged Wind Horse’s Sonam to find sights and activities I hadn’t seen before this second time around and was pleased that I had a chance to investigate the REAL Bhutan. I visited with yakherders, monks, nuns, Indian roadworkers, weavers, farmers, middle class government and private workers (college grads and advanced degrees) in their homes, on the trail or in the shops and markets. I even toured a modern fruit processing plant. The people are open, friendly, honest and forthright. The way they blend tradition with new ways is a good omen.

When the electees of the Thimpu City Council were sworn in, they held the ceremony in a colorful native tent and were dressed in Ghos and their tall boots; nix the suits and ties that former British Colony officials wear. And when one of our tour members complained to a hotel owner about the ants crawling up the wall of their room, a repellent was painted on to “usher” the bugs out of the building vs.”spray” & kill. (It was the right Buddhist thing to do.) I would not have gotten this in-depth perspective if it hadn’t been for the flexibility and superior knowledge and service by Wind Horse personnel to find these resources.

Thank You! It’s been the experience of a lifetime given both trips and the friendships forged I think will endure.

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