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Dear Jambay,
We enjoyed our dinner with you and I am sure that I speak in behalf of my travel companions when I say that we came away not only with a great impression of Bhutan but also of Windhorse. The book you gave us on Bhutan is quite well done and has beautiful photographs.

Our communications with you were consistently very efficient, the program was great, we liked the hotels, and both sets of tour guides and drivers were excellent. We learned a lot from Sonam and  Kezang who were always on time, very attentive, flexible when we wanted to change something, and knowledgeable.

When the trip was planned, road conditions were probably different but the day we drove from Trongsa to Punakha took over nine hours even without the planned stop in Gangtey which we had to cancel. The widening of the road meant that most of the trip (which started half an Hour late because a landslide had blocked the road) was unpaved, bumpy and after a whole quite grueling.  It also. Must have been very taxing on our driver who did an excellent job.  It all worked out but I would not recommend it for future visitors and there was no time that day to do anything as there was on all other days.

Having said that, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Bhutan, will tell our friends about Windhorse in glowing terms, and hope to come back one day.

There is one small matter that I forgot to finalize. Kezang mentioned the night before I left that I owe Windhorse a small amount for the hotel where you were able to arrange a separate room for me. Our departure was so early in the morning that all of us totally forgot about it. Could you let me know what the amount is so I can send it to you.

I would also like to remind you of the invoice of the charges related to my wife’s and my earlier trip cancellation dated as per my earlier email which the insurance company apparently requires.  Thank you.

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  • Hotels Paro - NAK-SEL boutique hotel& spa
    Bumthang - The village Lodge
    Trongsa - Yangkhil Resort
    Punakha - Dhensa Boutique Resorts
    Punakha - Drubchhu Resort
    Paro - Uma Resort
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