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One of the most important attributes that your country has…one that you may take for granted…is the fact that your population sees us first as people and secondarily as visitors and lastly, as buyers. We have traveled to so many countries where we have been attacked by hoards of vendors who want us to buy their tee shirts and trinkets. In Bhutan, we were free to explore without having to ward off anybody.  What a joy.

Customised Bhutan Tour (June 5 -22, 2016)

  • Person Name Lester Bartnett Bartnett
  • From New York, USA
  • Trip Name Customised Bhutan Trip (West to East)
  • Travelled Date June 5 - 22, 2016
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Paro - Hotel Gangtey Palace
    Thimphu - Hotel Druk
    Punakha - Zhingkham Resort
    Gangtey - Hotel Dewachen
    Bumthang - Mountain Resort
    Mongar - Wangchuk Hotel
    Trashiyangtse - Choki Farm House
    Trashigang - Druk Doethjung Hotel
    Samdrup Jongkhar - Mountain Hotel
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