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Well, we are home, slowly getting over our jet lag..and we want to thank you for arranging a memorable trip. We have so many unusual memories and”pictures” in our minds. Ugen–Santosh may have told you that our flight to Kathmandu on Air India was cancelled so we missed our first day with our kids. I wonder if we can get a refund for that night from the Crowne Plaza? (Deva from High Asia Travels suggested that I write you) I do want to tell you how wonderful, kind, considerate and helpful Santosh was to us during a very difficult, frustrating and anxious time. The people from Air India were so incompetent, inefficient and disorganized that we were going crazy and then he intervened to help us. We are very appreciative.

Re our trip we have a few comments.. The Radisson in Dehli wasa terrific also the Crowne Plaza and the Shangri-La (and the Fishtail Lodge where we stayed when we returned early fro Jomsom). The Rhino residency was disappointing and The “Jomson Mountain Resort” was awful. I had made it clear to you that I wanted to be assured that all places we stayed at would be heated and those 2 were not. With the hot water bottles in our beds and the space heaters in our rooms at Jomsom we were able to sleep comfortably…butg the hotel was freezing and none of the common areas were heated (the manager placed a space heater under our family table) We were very uncomfortable and angry and were happy to leave early. There was a smell of leaking fuel near our rooms and the manager basicaslly lied…WE had no hot water for our stay and we left early because mainly we were concerned that if the planes didn’t fly on the day we were due to leave it would wreck the rest of our plans and reservations. Indeed, the day after we arrived tghe airport was closed due to high winds and we were told that at that time of year it wasn’t such a rare occurrence. So our wonderful guide Sujan Rai made arrangements for us to return by jeep via the jarring but beautiful rocky road to Pokhara. Perhaps later in the season the Jomson hotel would be more tolerable…but no hot water!! After all, we were not trekking!

Perhaps deva has filled you in more

Our tour in Dehli was excellent and we all enjoyed…the Hotel Imperial was needless to say incredible..and we found our guide (Mukais) to be superb.

So again, except for some glitches, we had a memorable trip…Thank you…we’ll be in touch further. Aaron D.

we want to thank you for arranging a memorable trip.

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