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I am so sorry I did not write before now. Arriving home presented lots of complications, plus being sick with bronchitis which continues. First, our guide, Chencho, and driver, Renchen could not have been better. They were so responsive and sensitive to our needs and wishes. Really, I would highly recommend them again to anyone. I had some trouble understanding Chencho’s English pronunciation, but do not think Eleanor or Christine did. The tour as set up was just fine. Eleanor might have better input on this and Christine, both very well traveled. Bhutan was disappointing at first as I expected a pristine environment and area, which certainly is not the case. I was surprised at all the stray dogs and how poorly they were cared for. The police even kicked them, which is far from what you read. Bhutan and their concern for animals. Also, the trash everywhere was disappointing. The education system seems so good, why can’t they be taught to throw trash in a container. The other thing was hotels which was corrected. The first hotel was terrible and was changed. After that it was ok as were the restaurants. I left sadly saying good-bye to Chencho and Renchen as they were very special. I would like to go back and hike with Chencho someday. It was a very good time, just wish it had not been so expensive. Also, a little more free time would have been nice. I do not need to see any more temples.

Eleanor had more traveling before she was to get home, but I am sure she will write when back in Australia. All 3 or us had been on the road awhile before Bhutan, so getting home and trying to get back into the old routine is difficult, but given time, they will write. I have not heard from them either, nor have they from me.
Thank you and when and if I think of more, will write.

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