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Dear Jambay-

I returned a few weeks ago from my special, custom trip to Tibet. The job everyone involved via Windhorse Travel did was outstanding! All arrangements were excellent and there were no hiccups or issues I can give advice for improvements. It was obvious that the permits &c were unusual, complicated, and well done.

I have to make special mention of my guide, Tashi, and driver, Ngawang, that I had throughout my nine day excursion in Tibet. They in particular did an outstanding job as well as being delightful companions.

Thanks to everyone for fulfilling the dream trip for which I hope.

Sincerely, Todd Hansen

Everest Base Camp Tibet

  • Hotels Lhasa - Kyichu Hotel
    Shigatse - Hotel Manasarovar
    Shegar - Shegar Everest Hotel
    Tingri - Rongbuk Guesthouse
    Shigatse - Hotel Manasarovar
    Lhasa - Kyichu Hotel
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