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Hi Yonten and Sonam; happy to get in touch with you again.

We came back to Italy few weeks ago, after a fantastic time and custom trip in Bhutan. The travel was great, the accommodations really nice,the food excellent. We have to make a special mention of our guide, Sonam: he did an outstanding job both driving our pick-up and providing us with a lot of information, friendly, attentive, accommodating and helpful for 10 days, sometimes in very difficult moments along a road in restoration from west to east .

The country has a fascinating history based on its religion. Sonam was able to let us know this spirit and the way Bhutan and his king are trying to preserve traditions, culture, people and natural ecosystem, even though opening to the world.

We are really happy to reccomend this company foranybody that wants to arrange a travel in Bhutan.

Looking forward to planning another trip in future.

Warm regards

Rating: 5. By: Marisa, Andrea, Francesca, Beatrice

Fantastic Bhutan Tour – august 6-16 2017

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