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Hello Anand,
Sorry for the delay to answer. I was out of Montreal.
We are glad to share with you our thoughts about our trips in Nepal and Bhutan. Some of the feedbacks have already been given verbally to Jambay when we met him in Thimphu. Overall, we are very pleased of our experience. ;o)

Hilltop Village Tour of Nepal
First of all, Kunmar was an excellent guide and it was a pleasure to discuss with him and visit places in his presence. We felt he was enjoying our presence too. When it was time to choose Nepalese food, he provided good advices too and explained to us how to eat some plates.

As for the tour, it was diversified and gave us a good sample of what Nepal can offer. We liked the activities planned and the hikes in the mountains. The visit of Bhaktapur was a bit short but worth it. Regarding the stay in Balthali Village Resort, the location is great but the room we had was really a lower standard than all the others on this trip and not really in good condition. On their Web site, we see better rooms. The night we were there, there was a big party, so I guess they gave us the room that was far from the noise. Also, the day after, was quite a long drive to Bandipur (which was a very beautiful place). It would have been interesting to cut that road trip in half, this would mean to had another day to the trip or instead of sleeping in Balthali, sleep in another place that would reduce the road trip. This would mean to skip the hikes we had once we reached the hotel, which was also very interesting.

As for the meals, it would be important to inform future customers that they may have to pay for the guide meals when the restaurant was charging it. Even though it was not expensive, it kind of surprised us because we were not used to that usage and we have been traveling in quite a few countries up to now.

We didn’t know Windhorse before booking and we were a bit worried to pay the amount of money without being sure that the company really existed (many scam companies exist on the Web), but the pre-trip discussions with especially Ugen and Jambay reassured us. You have a good customer service. ;o)

 Thank you all for the trips you provided to us, it has been a marvelous experience. Take care

 Jean-Sebastien and Lucie

HillTop Village Tour of Nepal

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