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Tibet Everest Base to Nepal
Hi, Postak and Ugen!

We had a wonderful time in Tibet. It was magnificent. Our driver and guide were fabulous, and we had a great time in their company. Everything went perfectly, with the exception of Paul developing altitude sickness at the base camp of Mount Everest, and so, we were not able to spend the night at the monastery, but had to go down so that Paul would get better. No fault of the agency, of course!

Just a couple of questions:

1) When we go to Bhutan, am I supposed to have a visa or permit prior to flying from Kathmandu I was just talking to Dave at your office in Kathmandu and he asked me where my permit was. I apologize for my terrible memory, but hope you can understand that there are a lot of details in organizing a trip of six months. Please let me know what is needed in that regard and fax to the office here if need be.

2) Dorje, our guide in Tibet, was wonderful. I wanted to send him some stuff from Canada. Are you able to provide his mailing address for me, or not He’s a great guy, and made our trip wonderful.

We had a wonderful time in Tibet. It was magnificent.

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