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I tried posting a review on this website previously without acknowledgement or being posted. My partner Daniel and myself travelled on above dates, our guide was Sonam Pelden. Although Sonam was initially pleasant and flexible, though a little bit moody on our second day, and he was helpful when I was in has hospital due to food poisoning, the last few days of our trip he seemed to lose interest and was less friendly. On his suggestion we booked an extra night at the Uma Paro, adding to an already expensive holiday. He seemed to be on more social and friendly terms with staff here than other hotels, and seemed displeased at a few criticisms we had of this hotel. He was even quite rude and condescending to Daniel a few times, saying to him as if a child ‘always speak nicely and slowly to people, even if they don’t’,. Also, when we mentioned the tip we had put aside for him of £165gbp plus £100gbp for driver, he became even less friendly. When I mentioned this to him, he said the tip was ok but said ‘some guests give less, some give more’, a very inappropriate comment. Even our tour operator said it was a very generous tip. When taking us to airport for our flight and goodbyes, there was no effort or warmth considering we’d spent two weeks with him. We travel extensively, and always respect other cultures and customs, so his attitude to us was not justified. This holiday for us was very expensive. Paid for through money left to Daniel by his father’s death, so we left Bhutan feeling very disappointed and sad, and clearly had the impression that in the end Sonam didn’t like us at all. We don’t ask for perfection, but for the cost, and high daily tourist fee, we feel we made a big mistake with this trip.

January 28 to February 11

  • Person Name Adrian Allen Allen
  • From Kendall, UK
  • Trip Name Customised 12 days Bhutan Tour.
  • Travelled Date Jan 28 - Feb 11, 2019
  • Destination Bhutan
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