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John & Susan Pvt. Tour (Oct. 17-Oct.30,2011)

Dear Ugen,
We had a very good trip and were pleased with how well it all worked. If there was anything negative, I think it’s that we believe it could have been a couple days shorter. But that may be at least partly personal and reflect the fact that we had been in Bhutan for a couple weeks prior, so it was a very long trip for us, about 5 weeks in all.
Our guide in Kathmandu was fine. He did seem to be in a hurry much of the time and was often some distance ahead of us, but he was a nice man.

Our guide in Tibet, Tenzin, was terrific. He was knowledgeable in the culture and history, friendly, always positive, cheerful and smiling, flexible and full of suggestions, and looking for ways to make the trip better for us. He really was great and you should use him as often as you can. The driver, Dawa, was also good, although he spoke little English so we did not obviously get to know him well. The food was good, Tenzin did a good job of picking restaurants, and at our request took us to a couple places where we were probably the only non-Tibetans to frequent in years, a nice treat. Hotel accommodations were okay, generally what we expected — spartan, and not very clean by US standards, but adequate. Again, Tenzin looked after us and made sure we were well taken care of.

So we had a good trip, and we thank you for your assistance and for the arrangements.

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