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I believe it is important that all members of a tour get the same treatment. It is only fair. Several times, on my recent Drukyul Walking Tour, I found myself in rooms that were by far a lower standard or location than other members of my group. It does not seem equitable when I paid extra for a single supplement. If a hotel cannot accommodate all members with equivalent accommodation, another accommodation should be found. People should either get money back for lower standard rooms without views or the poorer rooms should be systematically distributed so no one is having to pay extra for much, much less. It just is not fair. That said, when I did share my discontent, WindHorse staff were very quick to accommodate and put me in a lovely, different hotel to make up for the quality of the room I was given in Paro and the end of our tour. I was very grateful to them for that. I would not hesitate to recommend Wind Horse. Our guide, Namgay and our driver, Yamraj, were both wonderful to travel with. They are excellent at what they do, accommodating and consistently pleasant.

Drukyul Walking Tour Sept 24- Oct 7, 2012 with extension of Nepal
(Kathmandu, Nagarkot & Namo Buddha).

Dear John, Thank you for your email with review about the trip. I apologize for any inconveniences faced during your travels. It is fact that some hotels in Bhutan have smaller and often inferior single rooms. Even among the single rooms there may be disparity and not done purposely, especially during the peak tourists season, when rooms are in shortage.Our future single traveller will be aware of it. In the same group journey, it is not practical to use two separate hotels and although we book many rooms in advance, the hotels confirm to us only late in the time and by then, they are not able to allocate enough rooms and we land up having to choose the one that gives us sufficient rooms. Such issues occur during the festival period, when everyone wants to come to Bhutan and it is not just with Wind Horse, but with every travel company. We regret any inconveniences and hope to make up, if you visit with us again. Ugen- Management

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