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Dan and I enjoyed our time in Bhutan. It is a beautiful and unique country. Sonam was a wonderful guide who introduced us to the stories of Guru Rinpoche (the Second Buddha), Pema Lingpa (the treasure finder), Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgal (the founder of Bhutan), the five kings of Bhutan, subduing the demons, and fulfilling prophesies. We learned more about Buddhism through Sonam’s patient explanations, too. Our driver, Dawa, safely transported us through Bhutan with great skill on difficult roads. We enjoyed stopping at the different arts and crafts shops. The hotels were good, we liked the food very much, and tea time became a favorite stop.
We appreciate that you are taking the rat incident seriously. Other than the furry little guy, the hotel was very nice and clean. The only other incident that I didn’t mention at the time due to becoming accustomed to seeing dogs running around in Asia was when we were at the Mountain Lodge in Jakar. There were some large dogs running loose on the property whose role seemed to be guarding their domain. At one point when Dan and I were coming from our room to the dining room we found one of the barking dogs between us and the dining area. Not knowing if we were perceived as intruders and the staff was not present at the time, we were not sure what to do. Afterwards, when we found that the dogs were okay with strangers walking around then we felt more comfortable. Since some people are afraid of dogs, the staff should make sure their guests and the dogs are okay with each other.

Again, this was an amazing experience that Dan and I will always treasure.

This was an amazing experience that Dan and I will always treasure.

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