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Dear Ugen and Postak,
I loved the trip to Bhutan and the extension to Ladakh that we experienced this past June/July 2006. I believe that the trip wouldn\’t have been as enjoyable had it not been for the excellent guide in Bhutan, Choki Dorji, and the excellent driver, Rapten.(I hope I spelled his name correctly). Driving through the mountains with their curvy, narrow roads having to watch out for cattle, other animals, the roadside workers, our driver was awesome and safe! Even though other tour companies that I had contacted, did not have tours during the summer because of the monsoon season, you reassured me that the rain periods most likely would be at night, if any. You were so correct! I can only travel during the summer months because I am a teacher. How fortunate to have two other teachers from Colorado to make up our small group. The scenery was beautiful, people were very friendly, and we still were able to see two festivals with a minimum of any other tourists. I wasn\’t expecting so many \”hiking\” experiences, but Dorji was very patient,helpful and encouraging. The accomodations were clean and had plenty of room. I can relive my beautiful memories of Bhutan through my photos and definitely hope to travel there again. Thank you for your careful planning and expert guide and driver who made this one of my favorite trips!

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