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TID 153: Introduction of India, Bhutan and Nepal (Sep. 30 till Oct 20 2008)
Bhutan portion of the trip: Guide: Tharpa Tashi, Driver: Dorji Needup

1) Were you provided adequate information about your trip prior to coming here ?
What did you need to know more? Should have been informed that we could not cash 500 or 1000 Indian rupee note in Bhutan

02.Were you met at the point of arrival with the maximum efficiency and courtesy?

03. Did the tour get off to a good start?

04. Did your guide fulfill your itinerary?
Yes, an excellent guide. Went out of his way to be helpful considering he was ill with flu. He was also excellent sorting our problem with visas & photos. Helping find lost cameras & broken cameras. Tashi is an extremely helpful person. The guide led my horse all the way up the hill to the Tigers’ lairs because I was so nervous, then continued running back down the mountain to check the walkers. Very good service.

05.Was the itinerary confusing with unnecessary details?

06. Was the service of your tour guide and driver upto the mark?
Yes, excellent guide backed up by a very helpful, friendly & excellent driver. A wonderful team.

07.Has there been any occasion where your guide and driver were not punctual?
No! always more helpful than we expected and always punctual.

08. Please comment on the food, accommodation and the services rendered by the hotels/trekking crew.
Food adequate, all hotels staff have been very friendly and helpful. Mini bus was comfortable.

09. Is this your first visit to Bhutan and do you wish to come back again?
1st visit, would like to return

10.On the whole, how do you rate your trip?
a) Very Satisfying b) Satisfying c) Adequate
d) Not enough e) Very dissatisfying

11. How would you like us to improve our services?
Hotels in Bhutan should improve their quality of mattresses. Also maintenances eg. Light bulbs, showers that flood the floor, toilets that do not work.

An excellent guide. Went out of his way to be helpful considering he was ill with flu

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