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Travel to Bhutan was a dream I had waited to fulfill all my life. When I finally had the chance to go, I found that I had a very window of opportunity right at the height of the festival season. I never thought that any agent would be able to pull off the arrangements at the last minute but luckily, after being turned down by other agencies, I contacted Kinley at Wind Horse Tours, Treks & Expeditions. Due to his energetic efforts and much to my surprise, I was able to squeeze onto the last possible flight.

My time in Bhutan was made comfortable by the wonderful guide he arranged, an easy-going, affable gentleman who spoke fluent English. I had researched a lot of the attractions I wanted to see, so I came with a rather formidable list of requests and bombarded Kinley with dozens of questions. He was not only able to make sure that I had a chance to see all of them, but also made a number of suggestions for other points of interest that matched my goals. He and the guide were able to work out a schedule that was both full and stimulating but also flexible enough to accommodate some spontaneous changes.

I’ve always traveled without the use of a tour guide and I hadn’t wanted to rely on one for my visit to Bhutan. But the Wind Horse staff did such a fine job, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had half as much fun if I’d tried to do it myself. I enthusiastically recommend them for their sincerity and diligence for the sake of their clients.


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