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Thank you, Wind Horse, for a great tour through Bhutan. Our guide, Thinley, and our driver, Sonam, were fantastic. We really could not have asked for better – they constantly surpassed our expectations in terms of their organization, knowledge, thoughtfulness, and their kindness and willingness to share their culture. Just one example: when we were going to the festival in Bumthang, they (unknown to us) went to the site at 6 am and claimed us space in a prime viewing area. We loved all of the properties where we stayed, and all of the tours you arranged for us – they fit our interests perfectly. If there is one thing I would have changed about the trip, it is the quality of the vehicle we had – it really was not as you promised (“good quality vehicle”), especially considering that we saw several other Wind Horse tour vehicles, all of which were much newer and in better condition than ours. Instead, our vehicle was distinctly underpowered and did not have working heat, air conditioning, defroster, or windshield wipers. We did appreciate that when we complained, you were willing to change out the vehicle for our long drive from Bumthang back to Paro, but wish you had not conditioned that offer on our changing drivers, too. We wish you would have just provided a better vehicle from the start, because we were not willing to change DRIVER at that point just to get a better vehicle…we loved Sonam! I don’t know how many of your other clients had been able to book the flight from Bumthang to Paro (and I still don’t know whether we simply booked too late -10 months out- to get that flight or if someone at Wind Horse dropped the ball somewhere along the line), but given that you knew we had to make that long drive, a vehicle with working heat, AC, seat belts, windshield wipers, and sufficient power was essential, and instead we had a beat up older vehicle that nearly every other vehicle on the road passed. Really, it was way below the quality we expected, and that we saw provided to most other tourists.

In summary, we loved our guide, our driver, and our itinerary. We just suggest that for future travelers, you make a greater effort to ensure that all of them have vehicles with the most basic conveniences, and that you not only make all possible efforts to avoid them having to make the almost 11 hour drive from Bumthang to Paro, but that if that proves necessary, you ensure they can travel there comfortably and safely.

Loved Bhutan! Oct, 2018

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