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Hi Ugen,

I’m so glad that you were in Bhutan while we were there.  Everyone was happy to meet you and have the opportunity to talk about Bhutan.

Your tour was terrific, you planned it perfectly.  We know that problems might arise on any tour but we were lucky and everything went well.  Even the weather cooperated. It was forecasted that we would have rain almost every day but it was hardly a problem at all.

Namgay mentioned that Wind Horse gets top reviews for the tours but rates low on the food.  I think the quality of the food is very good but I think most tourists find the food too much of the same.   Most meals were buffet, which is good because there is variety, but many times the dishes were very similar.  I think the meals that I enjoyed the most were when the dishes were served to us, like at the National Museum.  Another suggestion would be to go to a momo restaurant.  As I mentioned, I don’t know anything about your restaurants so I can’t really make good and constructive suggestions.

The hotels were all very nice and comfortable.   I especially liked Hotel Druk, for its location and the food.  The barking dogs were not a problem, perhaps because our rooms were away from the front of the hotel.  I also liked Hotel Gangtey Palace in Paro.

The festivals were the highlights for me.  It rained much of the time at the Tamshing Festival but it was still enjoyable as we were able to get under cover.  It was interesting that the the festival continued, rain or shine.  Then onto the larger Gangtey Festival.  I enjoyed seeing the monks practice in their robes then return the next day and see them in costume, to see the difference in the crowds, the numbers and people dressed in their best.  The crowds were small enough so that it wasn’t overwhelming. The National Museum in Paro is one of my favorite museums ever.  It’s small and simple but so well presented.  I wish I could have taken pictures to show my friends.  I loved walking through the rice fields, seeing the harvesting, up to the Khamsum Yulley Chorten, another beautiful temple.  Punakha Dzong is so impressive.  And lastly, Tiger’s Nest Monastery was amazing to see.  Richard and I did not attempt to reach it…if only we were ten years younger, but we still enjoyed viewing it and taking pictures of us with it in the background.

Your country is beautiful and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to visit Bhutan.
Thank you and your staff for wonderful experiences.

Best to you,

Marlene Hom

Marlene Hom

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