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Dear mr. Jambay
I’m home since a week now, and finally I found some time to send this email, in order to say thank you for your services and for your patience and assistance with my needs. Everything with the program went smooth and my trip and what your agency and you have done was above my expectations.
Kencho, your guide, and your driver (sorry, I don’t remember his name) were invaluable in their help. They stayed beside me when needed but never forced me to do anything I don’t wanted to. This is extremely important in my opinion; I’m a seasoned traveler; I’ve been in many countries in the word and sometime guides and drivers try to push you to do something for their profit or to work less and this is extremely annoying.
Kencho is really a good guy. He’s not only a good guide, very informative, but he’s also acted like a friend, dispensing good advices on what to do and were to go, without being pushy. Please say thank you again to him for me. I can’t imagine a better guide and a better travel mate. I hope for him and for the driver good luck for anything they hope for their life and their families
Bhutan is a wonderful country, its colture and its people will forever sit in my heart in my mind. May be in the far future I’ll be back with my wife and for sure I’ll use your services again. In the meantime let me know if I can do something for you: will a review on Tripadvisor (where I’ve posted many reviews and so I’m credited) help you?

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