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TID 8586 Glimpses of Bhutan (19 Oct to 24 Oct,2014)

Dear Wind Horse Staff,

I would like to thank all the Wind Horse staff for arranging a wonderful visit to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Although I have traveled extensively this was my first time to Bhutan. Having no experience in your country I did not know where to start. Fortunately through a series of questions Wind Horse was able to determine my area of interests and developed a tour that was customized to my desires. The length of the tour, and the locations we visited were arranged to meet my specific interests. This was very important to me as I was not interested in package tours that meet someone else’s needs. The six days in October allowed for a detailed visit to three different regions. On a future visit I would like to take more time and explore further to the east.

Through a couple of detailed emails I was provided with helpful information. What to bring, what to wear, visa arrangements, contact information, a packing checklist and numerous other general suggestions all helped to make this a trouble free visit. The pre-payment procedures, visa support, hotel check in and so many other details all were taken care of with extreme professionalism.

Kinley Wangmo, my tour guide, was great. Her knowledge of Bhutan and the sites we visited made all the difference. Every day she was on time, willing to make adjustments when required, and her knowledge of Bhutan culture was a big part in making this a successful visit. From the moment she picked me up in Paro until I was dropped off for departure she was on-top of every detail. Her personal experiences in parts of Bhutan outside the capital city were most interesting and I thank her for sharing them with me. Please tell Kinley kuzuzangpo for me and thank her for all her assistance.

Bhutan is a wonderful country and a “once in a lifetime” place to visit.I would like to wish all of the Wind Horse staff the very best in the future.

Bhutan is a wonderful country and a “once in a lifetime” place to visit.

  • Hotels Thimphu - Khang Residency
    Punakha - Meri Phuensum Resort
    Paro -Tenzinling Resort
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