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TID 153: Introduction of India, Bhutan and Nepal (Sept 30- Oct 20, 2008)

Our trip was wonderful. I want to commend you especially for the guides in India (Delhi), Nepal and Bhutan. The insight that each one gave to us on the culture and the country was very personal and very rich. The drivers were all especially good. What roads! Excitement all the time!

Just a couple of recommendations:
There is a photo required for Bhutan entry, and only 1 for Nepal. That created some confusion. Also, in Nepal, every time we went in and out of airports there was a tax. This should receive a general mention in the trip guidelines.

All in all, I loved the whole experience and I would definitely recommend Windhorse Tours to anyone. I have been telling my friends about the trip, but until I get my pictures organized, they will have a hard time understanding. Plus, as you know, unless a person has experienced such travel directly, it is hard to communicate the benefits.
Thanks again.

The hotel in Thimpu was a disappointment, but I know it was hard to book because of the festival. I was guessing that when we added Joanne to our group that there was a change needed in hotels.

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