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To Laya but did Chomolhari Trek

Hi Ugen!! I am still recuperating from jetlag and an accompanying cold, but I wanted you to know what a wonderful trip Ellie and I had in your beautiful country. I feel like I had stepped into a fairytale;
is so pure and lovely! Our guide, Dorji, was a wonderful guide and all crew on the trek were excellent. Our driver,Jigme, was also excellent and we miss them all very much!!! We had a few problems with late monsoon rains which I am sure you were made aware of. Several trek groups gave up and had gone down the trail before completing their trek. We chose to wait it out and then go on as much as we could; so we did not make it to Laya, which was a disappointment to me, but it had to be. The base camp and passes were wonderful and we ended up having good weather after a while. In fact, Dorji said that going over the Nyile La pass that it is rare to see the mountains without cloud cover…. It was as clear as a bell!! We are interested in possibly going back in 2007 to go to Laya, in a reverse Laya/Gasa trek for a week and then maybe go to

Eastern Bhutan. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can start planning it. I would love to see the remote villages with distinctive dress. Mera/ Sangtag come to mind. I will be in touch as soon as I know where I am and what day it is!! Regards, Pamela S PS…. Sorry we missed you; I had hoped we would meet at the airport before you left.

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