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Dear Mr. Jamtsho,
My family and I visited Bhutan January 2009 with Wind Horse Tours as our travel agency. Sonam Gyembo, our guide, is an excellent man. He could show and tell us so many things that without him we couldn’t have experienced the social, spiritual and environmental beauty of Bhutan as intensively as we did. Sonam is punctual and reliable. He was also very flexible and adapted with great respect to our particular requests due to the fact that my husband and my daughter had the flu and therefore couldn’t participate fully in the foreseen program and activities. Never-the-less our days were filled with great impressions and experiences, thanks to Sonam. He could offer us equal great moments whether we were visiting places of cultural importance or went hiking to the Tiger’s Nest or in the valley of the black necked cranes for instance.

Leki Tshering, our first driver, is a very good driver and speaks English well. He was never nervous or inattentive which was very comfortable for us. Gudu Mahat Chettri, our driver from the fifth day on, is a very nice young man. Not only does he speak good English but drives calm and safely. Even when we went to Phobjikha, a 5 hour drive from Thimphu, Gudu was not a moment absent or nervous when driving. He brought us on time and pleasant everywhere we went and we enjoyed his company. We would like to thank you and your team for this excellent trip to your country and we will keep Bhutan in good memories.

Warmest regards
Prof. Dr. Sybille Sachs
Head of the Center for Strategic Management
Member of the executive board of the HWZ University of Applied Sciences for
Business Administration

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