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122431_Robert keatley
In late November, 2009, as members of a group of seven visitors on a ten-day tour, we had the rare privilege of being guided around Bhutan by Kinga Dechen. His impressive knowledge of his nation’s history, traditions, religion and social conditions gave us special insights into Bhutan and added enormously to what we were able to take away from our visit. His company made excellent advance preparations for our tour, and he adjusted these with efficiency and good cheer whenever we requested changes to meet new interests acquired along the way. By the end of our tour, the seven of us were unanimous in high praise for Kinga and what he added to the many pleasures of the trip. In addition—and any visitor will learn quickly the importance of this—Kinga employed careful drivers who increased our sense of security and proved to be good traveling companions as well.

My wife and I endorse with great enthusiasm the services of Windhorse Tours and of Kinga Dechen in particular. We would gladly expand on this theme if any prospective traveler seeks additional information.

Robert Keatley
Washington, DC

We had the rare privilege of being guided around Bhutan by Kinga Dechen

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