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Druk Yul Walking Tour March 4-17, 2006

Guide: Choki Dorgee, Driver: Kesang
Pre-trip:I was provided adequate information about the trip prior to going to Bhutan. In fact, it was quite detailed. The one thing which could be added was clarification of choices. Since this was clearly focused on walking, and I was also very interested in culture as well, I would have liked a few options, such as staying longer at festival, more time in Thimpu to visit the art school, folk museum, fabric centre, governmental cultural offices, etc.

Food:We often did not have time to do everything! The drives seem to take longer and also the walks took us time. The itinerary warned us of cold nights, no showers, boring food. We actually had very comfortable accommodations(although the beds are hard) and the food was better than expected. Perhaps the warning helps prepare people for tough situations, so then we are happy and relieved when it is really better. The fiddleheads are delicious and a delicacy by the way.

Guide: We were met by Dorgee and Kesang with much courtesy, cheerfulness and attentiveness.
I think both Dorgee and Kesang are first rate – really superior. I have traveled with guides in Cambodia and Vietnam, and Dorgee really was more sensitive to our needs. Of course, this was a small group – but he went beyond expectations most of the time. Dorgee did his very best to fulfill the itinerary. He was a very sincere, thoughtful and explicit guide. He was also generous and funny.

Accommodations:The hotels were all fine, with possibly the last in Paro. Being the last stop, it was the least of them all. No lounge really, the dining room smelled of some strange chemical, they ran out of some food, like eggs. I think for the last stop, a better choice could be made. All other hotels were excellent. I loved the one in the valley of the cranes.

Problems:My greatest problems: not getting my ticket until the day before I left (next time:special delivery) and 2nd: losing my bag both ways (not anything you did)

I was provided adequate information about the trip prior to going to Bhutan

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